SEO Tips For Article Writers And Bloggers 2012 -2013
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SEO Tips For Article Writers And Bloggers 2012 -2013

Here are some SEO tips for article writers and bloggers that I think will be helpful, explaining what works, and what doesn't in the Google climate of the day. The day being at the moment, late 2012, or perhaps early 2013, if you're searching for this in the near future. It should be relevant for a while.

OK, so there have been a number of changes that have taken place in the algorithms of Google, and it's not worth saying what you might do, or what you could do. It's best for me to tell you what I'm doing, after four years of experience writing and blogging every day that is working for me. 

First of all, I would recommend you get your own hosted Wordpress website to blog on, as your main base of operation, and especially if you blog about one or two particular subjects. 

The way I did that was fairly simple. I signed up for a Host Gator hosting plan, bought the domain name through them as well, and talked to their support staff for help with the details of doing that. 

Before you even buy the domain name though, you should do some keyword research and see if you can get an exact match domain name to an exact match search with a reasonable monthly worldwide search volume of around 1,000 or more on the Google Adwords keyword tool. 

Also check to see that there aren't lots of page rank 4 or 5 results on the first page of Google for that phrase, or another way is to check out the number of results that contain that exact phrase when you type that phrase into Google in quotation marks. 

Google more about keyword research if you seriously want to have a good chance of being first on the first page of a popular search, because that's an important step, analyzing the search volume, and competition. 

Now, if you can, get a domain name that has that exact phrase in it, and if you can't get a .com, a .net or .org or or .co might be acceptable, but I'm not sure about the .info or especially something like .tk or anything that's cheap or free. 

It's not much for hosting and a domain name, it's less than the amount you should make in terms of the better SEO it has for the things you write on your site. 

You install the Wordpress to the domain through the FTP on the Host Gator dashboard, or you could also use something like Filezilla, which is a bit more advanced. Then, you're ready to go.


Good SEO Content For Your Blog/Website

The first thing you should do once you get your Wordpress dashboard is install the All In One SEO Pack plugin, and alter the settings so that the URLs look SEO friendly. 

It's a matter of changing a couple of codes on the settings page of that plugin, and then you have SEO friendly URLs. Here's a page that explains more about how to do that: One Hour Jobs.

That's not my site, somebody sold that to me in a Fiverr gig as a way to make $100 an hour online by making high quality websites and then "flipping" them, or selling them. 

It explains really well how to set up a basic Wordpress site, and I also found The Challenge to be some more great free helpful internet marketing and site building advice. 

Another page that I bookmarked was this one on setting a static page as your main page on Wordpress. That one talks about how you may need to edit the code of the actual template to remove the "home" bit on the menu.

I didn't actually change the code for that, so my site still has the home as well as social media marketing services as the link text on the main menu, and it's good to have a link to the home page from the right link text all through the site. 

That's probably enough on that, and I'm getting a bit away from the subject in the title, although I do think this information is relevant enough to most people to mention it a lot. 

Once you have your site set up and working with a plan for how you will monetize, what you will be selling or promoting, or talking about, you have to make some back links and get the site out there. 

Tips On SEO In 2013

SEO is always changing, and particularly when it comes to the link weight or authority of certain types of links. I will list a bunch of sites which you do want to use to share and link to almost every page you make, or at least most of them. 

Facebook pages or profiles are good, but only if they look real, with lots of friends or fans. Twitter tweets are great, and you can get lots of followers from a site like Twiends. 

Google Plus followers are best done by following people who seem like they might follow you back, and they often do, especially if you plus one their posts, or share them. 

Linked In is a good site to get traffic through the groups, but also good for a little SEO boost. Social bookmarking generally is not very effective for SEO, but these sites are all great ways of getting traffic as well. 

What used to work doesn't work anymore, so what works now might not work by the time you read this, but I would say that high quality articles on Yahoo Voices, Ezine, eHow, Hub Pages, Info Barrel, Knoji, Squidoo, Triond, Blogger,, Go Articles, Typepad, (not to be confused with, and guest posts on relevant blogs are all great ways of building your back links. 

Then, build back links to those back links, to form a link pyramid. This should take you about a year or two, but you do that gradually, while you're writing on the blog, and make links to the individual blog posts and pages as well. 

That's what works in SEO today, but in order to go to all of that effort, you have to have something to sell, or some sort of strategy to make money. 

It could be Adsense, it could be an affiliate product, or multiple affiliate products. It could be your own services, or your own product, or you could buy something somewhere, and sell it for a profit, with the aim of getting a page that makes at least ten dollars per thousand views if possible. 

You could use an email list to capture these people, and that's what a lot of marketers like to do. They make a squeeze page, or video that tells people they should sign up to the list, and then they have access to that email address for a long time. 

I don't really like this strategy, and I prefer customers to return to my site simply because they liked the services I provided, but I am probably missing out on a lot of traffic by giving up on the email idea. I use social connections instead. 

Anyway, if you have any questions, or you're looking for some for some more ways to promote your business, watch that video I just linked to. It's a good one. 

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Comments (4)
Ranked #25 in SEO

Great articel! I can say I've watched you learn and grow over the last few years here on Factoidz/Knoji and your advice gets better and better. Good content of course is important too. I made the mistake of creating a blog, getting to PR3 and then realizing I actually had nothing to sell! So have begun rethinking it all. Fiverr offers quite a few helpful gigs for promotion of websites.

Ranked #2 in SEO

Yeah, I love Fiverr, it's where I go to look to get anything done. My last purchase was a few voiceover artists, with a nice female American soothing voice, and it worked great for my videos. I could probably even design an ad for TV now on my computer for five dollars and an hour's work. 

GReat share Rowan, bookmarked and thank you.

It is quite difficult to write an article especially for SEO purposes; therefore bloggers and article writers are simply preferred better techniques and quality to present an article or blog in a website. Here in this above article we can found some beneficial tips and tricks for article writing especially for SEO reasons.

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