How To Rank For A Competitive Keyword On Google 2013 - 2014
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How To Rank For A Competitive Keyword On Google 2013 - 2014

There was never an easy way to rank for a competitive keyword on Google, but with the latest algorithm changes on Google, things are both easier, and harder than they have ever been before. In this article I will explain what I mean by that, and it may open your eyes to the possibilities and opportunities that exist.

The difference between the SEO landscape today, or in the 2013 to 2014 period is that the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates have made a huge difference to the traditional spam or grey hat techniques of ranking for a competitive keyword on Google. 

There were a lot of things which used to work, which now don't work, and a lot of things which didn't work so well before, which now work ten times better, especially when competing against sites who got to the position they're in based on the spam techniques which are now punished by Google. 

Let's look at an example of what I'm talking about. In the past, to rank for a big keyword related to weight loss, or making money online, or internet marketing, you had to build literally hundreds of thousands of meaningless back links, and back links to those back links, in order to point enough link weight at the site that it would rank. 

This was simply the way that the Google algorithms were structured, based on the original way it was designed, pages passing on page rank to each other. 

These days, page rank does not play so much of a factor, and it is definitely no longer the quantity of links that makes the difference, but the quality. 

There were tons of software programs built in the past like Xrumer and Scrapebox to try to submit links in bulk on blog comments, directory sites, article directories that accepted auto approve syndicated or duplicated content, forum signatures, forum profiles, RSS feed submissions, search engine submissions, social bookmarking sites, just a whole pile of rubbish which in reality had no business being there at all. 

It was all a waste of space, nothing but endless sites made for no other purpose but to place a link which would never be seen by anyone, or if they did see it, they would immediately leave the page in disgust, because it was nothing but a useless link to another site. 

How To Rank On Google 2013 - 2014

These days, you have to produce quality links, and that means writing good quality, original content, on sites like this one, or at least sites that have some authority, which aren't auto approve, duplicated content, link farms. 

That is what Google is trying to fight against, and they need to fight against it, because with all of these link pyramids being built, using these low quality links for all levels of the pyramid, they can't actually tell the difference between a good page, and a bad page anymore, without making it very dangerous for anyone to build anything that looks the least bit low quality. 

These days, you have to make a link pyramid out of long, original, well written, informative, helpful factual articles, which also link out to authority sites like Wikipedia and whatever is ranking really highly on Google. 

Let me explain what I mean, and I have to show you what I mean in order to make it clear. I'm writing this article because I want to build a link to another site that I'm trying to rank for affordable SEO services

Some would say that I should only put that link in, because otherwise the link weight would be divided by whatever other links I put into the article. 

This is true, the page rank that gets passed on is less, but page rank hasn't been a factor for years, and authority is much more important, due to the hilltop algorithm. 

That means, that I also need to link out to some authority sites, which will make this article rank higher, and therefore make the link more valuable, even if the link juice gets divided. 

So, I'm going to link out to the Wikipedia page on search engine optimization, for no other reason that it came up at first on the first page of results when I typed in SEO on Google. 

It's important to get that connection in the eyes of Google between me, and that big authority page. I also should probably link out to another page, to make this page look like an expert page, and not just me linking out to one other site apart from my target site. 

I'm linking out to this random page which came up when I typed in ranking for a keyword on Google. It's important I link out to something from that link text, because I'm trying to compete for that phrase, or a similar phrase to that in the title of this article. 

I might want to mention another phrase that is similiar to the title, such as how to rank for a keyword on Google, and also mention the extra keywords at the end like 2013 and 2014, as I will want those to be somewhere in the text if I want to compete for phrases containing those words. 

I've probably written enough about it now. I've been doing this for four years, or more by the time you read this, I recently ran my first proper SEO campaign, which took six months to rank a site from scratch for a buyer keyword with over 2000 exact match searches a month. 

I also ranked them for many other keyword phrases with close to or over 1000 exact match searches a month as well, and they are very happy with my work, and continue to pay me each month. If you would like to talk to me about that, my link is in the article, it's the first one, or you can send me a message at

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