How to Check Keyword Density for Free
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How to Check Keyword Density for Free

In this article, you will learn how to check keyword density for free. There’s really no need for you to purchase a separate tool for checking the keyword density of your blog post or article. All that you need to do is to get a calculator, a pen and a piece of paper!

Keyword Density, in simple terms, indicates the number of times that you have used a specific key phrase or keyword on your post or article. Too much use of keywords could lead to ‘keyword stuffing’ which is not really favoured by today’s major search engines. On the other hand, articles with very little key phrases or keywords would apparently be trampled down by those that have been well optimized for search.

It is important for a blogger or article writer to know how to check the keyword density. It could take a bit of time before you can write a well-optimized article but as long as you are willing to continue, you will eventually be able to develop that skill. I, for one, could not say that I have already perfected the method but if there’s one thing that every blogger or article writer should always keep in mind – that is to use the keywords in a matter that the article won’t appear like a work of a robot or a grade-schooler. Be natural. After all, the readers are looking for something that they can read and understand.

How to Check Keyword Density

To determine the keyword density of your post or article, it would be best for you to copy your work to MS Word. After you have done so, highlight the part that you want to check then determine the total word count (for users of MS Word 2010, press Ctrl + Shift + G or see the bottom left corner of your MS Word screen) of the highlighted content. Take note of the total word count.

The next step that you are going to do is to identify the main keyword or key phrase of your article. According to most SEO experts, the ideal percentage of Keyword Density should be in between 1 percent to 3 percent. Note how many times you have used the main keyword on your article.

Now, let’s do some computation. The official formula for Keyword Density is Nkr / Tkn * 100 = Keyword Density where Nkr is the total number of keywords used in the article and Tkn is the total number of words in the highlighted text. For example, the Nkr is 3 and the Tkn is 300. The Keyword Density will be 1 which is good because the limit is 3 percent.

Do note that the above formula can only be used for a ‘single word’ keyword. For key phrases, use (Nkr*Nwp / Tkn)*100 = Keyword Density. The attributes are still the same but you should multiply the total number of keywords with Nwp which is the total number of words in the key phrase. Divide the product of Nkr and Nwp with the total number of words in the highlighted text and then multiply the result or quotient by 100 to get the final Keyword Density percentage.

No worries. The given formula for Keyword Density is very simple to use. If you hate math, you can always make use of the web’s free keyword density tools.

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Whoah! This is new to me Kent! Gonna check it out for sure. How are you?

Excellent info.

Thank you for this information. It will certainly help me!

Great work and I learned something new here, thanks Kent.

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@Sarah -- I'm doing find and trying out these new features of Knoji. Thanks for stopping by. ^^

@Everyone -- I greatly appreciate your comments. I will definitely return the favor. Just give me a bit of time. :) 

I know site where you can read how to make this checking process fast and more easier than you have now. 

Wow!  I read your article few weeks back and apply that tips on my site and do you know whats the result, Its amazing... thanks for posting it and helping us.