Authority Site - How To Give Your Site Authority
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Authority Site - How To Give Your Site Authority

This article explores some of the basic algorithms in SEO that people often overlook when trying to rank their site. It's not just about page rank or number of back links or link velocity, in fact it hasn't been for a long time. The main way you rank a site on Google these days is to be viewed as an authority site by Google, which means a trusted, relevant, expert site, although expert also means something else in the SEO language.

So you have a site, and you want to be considered an authority site in the eyes of Google. How do you make this happen? The first and most important thing to understand is that it doesn't happen overnight, you have to produce high quality content over a long period of time, and make back links from high quality relevant authority pages consistently over time. 

There doesn't necessarily have to be a lot of content on the site, but it does need to be updated regularly, because even though the age of a site and the age of the back links to a site may mean that that age could improve your rankings, if you don't update your site and perhaps publish new blog posts every few days, it will slip down in the rankings. 

You either need to update or publish regularly, or you need to continue to build back links regularly, or if you're lucky, have people build back links to you by themselves. 

You can use link baiting techniques such as offering a list of quality resources or free software, or something of high value, so that people share that page with their friends simply because it's a go to place. 

The on-page optimization is important, but that's not really that much to do with authority, it just helps to have the right keyword density of about 2-3% and a few photos and video with keyword relevant file names and alt text and lots of text on the page, perhaps some H1 and H2 tags or your keywords in bold or italics.

So long as it looks like a good, relevant page with lots of information on it, that's not spam. After getting the on-page optimization right, and the cross linking of the site in the navigation right, then it's mostly about two things. Your inbound links, and your outbound links. Some would argue that they are almost as important as each other to get right.


Inbound Links

It's a good idea to constantly build at least one or two links to your site every day, or links to the pages that link to your site, or even a third layer of links to a solid link pyramid. 

Here's an example of what I mean. I recently wrote a guest post on a site called Site Pro News, which is a fairly high authority site in the internet marketing world. It was about Facebook likes

That guest post that I just linked to links to my main site which is Professional Social Promotion, which then links out to my Facebook page, which I am trying to get to rank for social media marketing services, (if possible). 

That page itself links to all of my new blog posts about social media on all sites, but those links are no follow. Nevertheless, there is some SEO benefit to having a link from a page like that. 

So, I've been writing articles to build links to my site, and the Facebook page from Ezine articles, Go Articles, Squidoo, (Hub Pages banned my site for selling likes), Yahoo Voices, Info Barrel, Triond, Typepad,, Blogger,, Tumblr,, and a few others I can't think of right now, oh yeah Helium...

I build links to one page from all the other sites, then I choose one of those articles, and build links to that one from all the other sites, and then choose one of those articles on the third level, and build links to that one from all the other sites. It's quite tedious, but if you do it with as much quality as possible, it does work. 

One reason why it works is the value that it gets along the way through the authority of having your link appear on the same page as related authority sites

Outbound Links

As you may have noticed already, I have been including a fair amount of links in this article, to sites that aren't anything to do with me, which are in some cases competing for the same keywords I want this article to rank for on Google. 

That would seem to some to be taking a step backward, by increasing the rankings of the sites that your are aiming to beat in the search results. 

The truth is that if you aren't linking out to authority sites, you aren't giving a credible source for the article, and if you don't link to authority sites like that, but do link to your own articles which have little to no authority, then your article looks like a spam page, not an expert page. 

Now this page is about internet marketing generally, so I just linked out to the Huffington Post category page for internet marketing. 

CNN is also a great place to link to, if you can find a post on that site that is somewhat related to what you're writing about, here is the internet marketing category for CNN. 

Facebook is a great place to link out to, although individual pages are not considered as high authority as each other. is a high authority site, and Wikipedia, The New York Times, the BBC, just use your head. 

Often the best way to find an authority site is to type in a really high competition phrase related to your keywords, and see what comes up. I was going to put in another link, but I've probably put enough in to make my point, and this article is now considered an "expert" article based on the hilltop algorithm because it links out to authority sites. 

That means hopefully that my site will now be given more authority from this expert article even just from the fact that one of the half dozen outbound links on this page links to a page which then links to my site. 

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